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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name and description of your products?

All of our products are based around Industrial Hemp and use with the raw, natural Hemp Seeds or the Cold Pressed and Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil derived from these Hemp Seeds. Industrial Hemp can encompass many varieties, all classed as Non Genetically Modified (Non-GMO) but contain less than .3% THC by law under our Health Canada Industrial Hemp Permit. THC is that component in Marijuana that creates the psychedelic “high” effect and as such is not a concern in our Industrial Hemp-Based product lines.

Empress Sativa is our food line and we offer Natural Hulled Hemp Seeds in various package sizes, Seasoned Hemp Seeds in three flavors (Sweet N’ Cinnamon, Dill Pickle and Tex-Mex, in various packaging sizes. Coming soon is our Hemp-Nutri Paks, daily smoothie paks loaded with comprehensive and inclusive supplements required for daily optimum nutrition recommendations.

SativaCare is our Face, Body and Hair Care line. Our Face care products consist of a Hemp Cleanser, Hemp Daily Replenishing Toner, Hemp Moisturizing Cream, and a Hemp Moisturizing Oil and Eczema Treatment. Our Body Care products include an aluminum-free spray liquid deodorant in three natural scents plus an unscented choice. Our Hair Care line includes an SLS and paraben-free Hemp Shampoo and Hemp Conditioner.

HempEssential is our Daily Aids product line that includes our very effective and popular Hemp-AID pain Spray, our Hemp-YZZ Nature Spray and our line of Essential Oil Infused Hemp Seed Oils meant for those who are using e-atomizer units to stop smoking or pleasure. There is zero nicotine or propylene glycol but great flavor to help overcome additions.

 Full ingredient lists are available on our website listed with each individual product and can be supplied separately to you upon request.


Who will be using your product and for what purpose?

 Our entire product lines can be and are being used by the very young and old alike, the healthy and the health challenged, the underweight and the overweight, -- anyone at all. There are no restrictions unless you are a rarity and may have an allergy to hemp or under a Doctor’s specific advice. Remember, Hemp is an incredibly healthy and beneficial crop in so many ways. Know that Hemp is classed as a super food. It is a perfect protein, gluten free, nut- free, soy -free, lactose-free, vegan, wheat-free.


Have your products been designed with environmentally low-impact practices in mind?

 We are so proud to answer YES. Though we did not “design” hemp – we give full credit to centuries and centuries of Mother Nature at work here -- Need we say more than Hemp? Did you know, for example, that one acres of hemp can produce four (4) times more paper than one acres of trees? This acre of trees takes 20 years to mature and the same acre of Hemp takes five months. Hemp, as a field crop requires no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides as its rapid growth and high nutrient content naturally choke out or discourage weeds that become problems with other crops. Retting of the crop leftovers after harvest nourish, balance and stabilize the land creating a harmony with Mother Nature.


Is this product manufactured, grown or harvested in a sustainable or organic way?

 In short form – yes. As all our product lines contain at their base, either Hemp Seeds or Hemp Seed Oil, the productions of which is most beneficial and sustainable. May we be so bold as to say that it might just be the most sustainable crop on planet earth? It grows easily on every continent, has the largest tolerance along the entire environmental spectrum from drought to floods, warm to cold, etc.

 When taking the raw hemp and producing our Face, Body and Daily Aids lines, we source and demand only the best we can find. For example, our Shea butter is sources from a circle of African women who are supporting themselves and their families and doing so with respect and dignity for mother earth.

Has the product been created to address safety and health considerations of its users, above and beyond current industry standards?

Certainly. Again, need we say more than Hemp? All we have done is create 22 (the number of products we offer so far) different ways for people to experience and make use of the wonders and benefits of hemp. Mother Nature does the rest. Hemp is one of the most, if not the most multi-use diversified plant known to mankind.


Is the product certified by an organic, stewardship, fair trade or other governing body?

As our product lines are varied and some contain many ingredients, this is not an all-inclusive one-answer-fits-all scenario. At times our crop is certified organic, other years it is not. This is due to crop rotations and the coming and goings of the various farmer-growers. For certain, all Industrial Hemp, be it actually certified as organic or conventional at any given time, requires minimal if any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We belong to a Hemp Cooperative whose goal is the best quality – freshest, most sustainable, and least processed as possible.

When sourcing other ingredients required in our formulae, we always endeavor to use fair trade, natural, etc. It is the cornerstone of our purpose.


Does this product reduce consumption? (of water, energy, harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, virgin materials).

Our product is Hemp – need we say more? Our raw hemp – well Mother Nature takes care of that. From the field, the seeds are either hulled (like cracking open a peanut shell to obtain the contained peanut), or cold pressed and cold filtered to obtain the hemp seed oil.

Our products are all minimally processed and therefore use the least energy and water possible. All our additional ingredients are as natural as we can possibly find and we make a point of only using whole items and not a chemical component of something that is derived from something else through extensive processing. We are not able to do so 100% of the time, but we do the best we can. We like to say that our products are 99.9% pure.


Are your product made from reused, reclaimed, renewable or recovered sources?

Reused? No, as for the most part this is not applicable. Where it is applicable, -- our packaging is sourced from reused items but still, plastic is plastic. We are ever on the lookout for economically and environmental efficiency but this is the most difficult to find of all.

Reclaimed? Well, yes, you could say we reclaim the crop land year after years for the next crop of Hemp. Nothing else is applicable here.

Renewable? Certainly. This is one of the major benefits of Hemp. An entire filed of Hemp grows to up to twelve feet high in just five months, year in and year out and in the event you are not aware, entire houses, cars, clothing, rope, paper, food, and on and on can be made from hemp.

Recovered? This is not applicable with our product line.


At the end of its life cycle can this product or its components be reused, recycled or composted?

Due to the almost All-Natural formulations of our products, the composting our products is most definitely possible. Not yet with our packaging however, we use the best plastic possible now for recycling and are always sourcing more sustainable packaging.


Is the product made in an ethical way, that is, no sweatshop labour, no child labour, etc. Are the people responsible for its manufacture paid a fair wage and trained to employ safe labour practices?

We are a small family owned and operated Alberta, Canada corporation and though some of our family, at times, may think they work too hard, we ultimately all love what we do and are proud to play our small part of what we think is making the world a better place. We offer opportunities to others as independent Service Agents as well for a decent living via the offering of our product lines to retail stores in North America but we consider everyone here family as well.

For outsourced raw materials and such other items as we need to outsource, to the best of our abilities and understanding, we in no way support the abuse of anyone or anything – animal – including human, plant or Mother Earth.


Does the company offering the products support charity initiatives, give back to its community, have a light environmental footprint?

 We do. We offer economic opportunities for independent realization of a reasonable lifestyle. As well, we buy local where at all possible and offer local everywhere we can.


Does the product contain synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients? Does the product contain any ingredients/components that you are unsure of the nature of?

 For the most part we can claim a 99.9% pure and natural product line including the absence of chemical derivatives of anything from a natural source though we are not 100% successful at this (yet J). One of our Preservatives is a petroleum-based nasty but we use the least of the least and it is necessary for a reasonable and safe shelf life in some of our products. Others are all petroleum pure. As well, our packaging is plastic in nature – though we use the most recyclable plastic we can find. As better choices become available we will be sure to incorporate them as quickly as possible.


Does the product contain harmful chemicals or emit VOCs?

All we need to say is Hemp. Such a pure and wonderfully simple product. It is plant based and vegan so no animal by products or wastes generated in production or processing, and all off shoots of the crop are good for the earth.  

The one disclaimer herein could be the preservative used certain products but it is kept to the very minimum. Our packaging is the most recyclable we can find to date.


How does the product enhance one's appreciation of nature, threatened environments or mindful living?

Since our beginning in 2008, we have been as much educators as Hemp producers. How many times have we said to someone – after being in receipt of anything from a sly smirk to an outraged accusation of drug peddling, “We offer the healthy stuff and not the Happy Stuff.”

As an educator of the wonders of Hemp, how good it is for the environment, for all inhabitants of planet earth, and for our economy, we feel we have naturally been able to enhance everyone’s’ appreciation and care for nature, our environment and, just by using any or all of our products, one is either conscientiously or unconsciously contributing to “mindful” living.


Where is the product made?

All our products are made just outside of Edmonton, AB, Canada. Under the Industrial Hemp Permit requirements, we are not to disclose the exact location.


For more information you may refer to our website or contact us directly.