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Hemp Your Way to Health Challenge

Take 30 Days ...

It's all the time you will need to HEMP YOUR WAY TO HEALTH

Here's Roger Snow's Incredible Story ...

"After 30 years of supplying myself with sufficient ordinary food (mostly starches) to be able to work 16 hour days farming, as well as building and installing machines for local food processing plants - I was a fifty year old wreck.  I had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, chronic prostate inflammation, several digestive disorders, extensive arthritic pain and I caught many contagious diseases every year. My arthritis would not allow me to lay down -- I had to learn to sleep sitting up; I could not empty my bladder -- fiber optics revealed a inflamed prostate blockage; I was too heavy to climb most ladders - the rungs broke; I avoided children -- their runny noses seemed to initiate respiratory illnesses from which I did not fully recover for months. I frequented medical clinics and pharmacies.

Over fifteen years ago a group of farmers, among the first in Canada to become licensed to grow industrial hemp, brought me some hemp seeds and asked if I could develop a machine to remove the shells. When I was young, after studying chemistry at university, I had hitchhiked for three years through many countries in Central Africa, the Middle East and South Asia where I had eaten roasted or crushed hemp seeds in many dishes.  I was told then about the health benefits attributed to hemp and learned that the Latin name cannabis sativa meant, most perfect food, but because of their soft contents and obnoxious shells, hemp seeds did not seem to have much potential. Instead, I brought Teff seeds back from Ethiopia. I was fascinated that seeds as small as a grain of sand could sustain the thin but powerful Ethiopians -- always walking over mountainous terrain. I suggested that the Canadian hemp farmers try the internet for their required shelling machinery, but they persisted. They told me that everything available on the internet that could remove the shells would also pulverize the seed contents, making the product worthless. I eventually built a series of machines and provided the farmers with an excellent sample of the first Hemp Hearts -- but no one was willing to purchase my machines. Those who compete with me now offered me pennies per pound to make their products for them.

I did not eat Hemp Hearts, myself, for several months, but when I first tried them in large quantity early one morning on a small bowl of oat meal, I noticed that I could easily refrain from eating again until late afternoon. This was astonishing to me. At that time in my life I normally began each day with bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, pancakes, syrup and six cups of coffee -- yet I was always so weak and hungry again in only two hours that it was impossible for me to function without more food. In those days, whenever I stopped for gasoline I would consume two of the largest candy bars on the shelves. Very gradually over 20 years, I had become 100 pounds heavier than I was in High School and I attributed most of my health problems to my excess weight. For the next 50 days I ate Hemp Hearts and oatmeal for breakfast, drank tea frequently and consumed nothing later -- except for two bottles of beer, evenings. After 50 days of this strange diet I was 50 pounds lighter and all of my typical late onset health problems were already somewhat alleviated. Although this diet was very effective for satisfying hunger and providing sufficient energy, it produced unpredictable and sometimes watery stools. I did not dare walk the few hundred feet to my shop each morning until I had gone to the bathroom twice. I did not dare to go anywhere without toilet paper and I frequently had to divert to side roads on my way to the city. 

Being mechanically minded, I decided to try eating Hemp Hearts with huge amounts of celery instead of oatmeal -- hoping that the long fibers in the celery would hold my stools together, making them less watery. For one week I consumed Hemp Hearts with as much celery as I could eat every morning and instead of beer I consumed more celery at night. My stools were consistently like ropes -- definitely not watery. 

I soon experimented with different vegetables and fruit and discovered that large quantities of any raw, unprocessed, non-starchy fruit or vegetables would produce perfect bowel movements when consumed with virtually any quantity of Hemp Hearts, but the introduction of significant amounts of starch or blended, ground, cooked food always made bowel movements unpredictable. For another 50 days I ate at least 5 heaping tablespoons of Hemp Hearts for breakfast with raw vegetables and yogurt or with fruit and yogurt and consumed no food later until about 6 PM when I had a few more vegetables without dressing. I lost another 50 pounds and was amazed to notice that all of my typical late onset health problems had totally disappeared. 

That change was over ten years ago. None of my typical late onset health problems have since returned. I can easily work 18 hour days; I never experience any illness."

It's Simple -- Put 5 - 8 Tablespoons of Hemp Seeds on the foods you already eat each day for the next 30 days and track:

  • How much weight you lose?
  • How much more energy you have?
  • How your skin and hair feels?
  • How your mood is affected?
  • Ladies  -- how your usual PMS symptoms are reduced?
  • Do you crave fewer sweets or savories like chips?
  • Do you naturally drink fewer soft drinks?

And anything else that stands out from your norm ...


Searching for more Health in your life? 

If you are like our family, we have long been facing the struggle of "eating the healthy way" in a culture that is predisposed towards fast foods; the easy and convenient, when it comes to satisfying our hunger --  and let's face it, there are times when a Big Mac just tastes great. 

Experts disagree on what is the necessary daily amounts of this vitamin or that mineral is, for optimum human health and, even if we eat the foods that are recommended are we sure we are getting enough of what we need?

This all comes down to food quality and the body naturally wanting, even craving what is good for it.  However, a diet high in fast and processed foods will "mess up" the body's natural, healthy cravings and replace them with cravings for foods that are not good for us.  You know the ones ... the high sugar, high starch, high trans-fat, high sodium, low nourishment, empty calorie type foods.  Then, our systems get out of whack ...  We know this because we see:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Overweight -- by a few or many pounds
  • High Cholesterol
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Irritable Bowl Diseases like Crohn's and Colitis
  • Depression
  • Premature Aging
  • Joint problems
  • Hair & Skin diseases
  • Immune system breakdowns or imbalances
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or just plain low energy for life

The body is an amazing instrument but, in effect, it has been fighting for so long to keep "us" afloat using the sub par nourishment regime we have been feeding it, that eventually it looses the battle and we start to see one or more of these all-to-common issues -- and we all know there are many more.  With proper nutrition, this author feels that there is not a medical condition on the planet that could not be prevented.  Nutrition can take many forms -- spiritual, emotional, but we can all start with physical.

Just five (5) to Eight (8) tablespoons per day of Raw Hemp Seeds added to your diet will drastically improve your health. 

This tiny, tasty, innocent, non-assuming fruit of the cannabis sativa L plant known as  hemp,  packs a nutritional punch unrivaled by any other on the planet.  Loaded with the most concentrated source of essential nutrients known, these little parcels will keep you nourished and healthy simply by adding them to the foods you already eat.  –  It's that simple … It's a great start ...

  • Under the bun of your Big Mac
  • In the KD Mac and Cheese
  • In the Taco Bell Tortilla
  • On top of your Wendy's salad
  • In your KFC gravy
  • On your Chinese take out
  • Over your Cheesecake or that Brownie Supreme you must have
  • On top of your Pizza

Please understand -- we are not saying that a diet high in these types of foods exclusively will make you healthy, but what we are saying is that by adding a tablespoon or two of Hemp Seeds or Hemp Oil to the foods you and your family already eat, no matter what that is, will start the health ball rolling.  First, whatever these foods are will now have high quality nutrition and second, quite gradually and naturally, your body will start to desire different foods as natural balance is achieved. 

As Mark Twain said:  "Habit is habit and not to be flung out the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time."

If weight loss - both small amounts and large amounts -- is your goal, then you will need food that greatly nourishes without any empty calories -- Food that satisfies and holds you for hours so that you do not feel hungry or deprived. Once your body comes into hormonal balance due to greater nutrition, then amazingly, your cravings will diminish. As your cravings decrease so too will the amount of calories you naturally want to eat.  Eat Less -- Feel Full -- Lose Weight ... It's that simple ...

Try a breakfast of yogurt, high fiber fruit and Hemp Seeds -- You will be nourished and satisfied well past lunch.  Then, have a salad chalked full of vegetables with a hemp Oil dressing and Hemp Seeds for lunch and a vegetable and protein meal at night -- like a chicken breast roasted with a coating of ground hemp seeds and parmesan cheese with your favorite spices.  You will be nourished, you will feel satisfied and you will lose weight.

Try adding this wonderful SUPERFOOD to your diet for thirty days and see how you feel.  Take our thirty day challenge ... and give us your feedback. 

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